Hockey in Sweden

An attorney with decades of experience assisting San Diego clients, Terry Chucas began overseeing parents and children on appeal in dependency court appeals in 2008. As someone who enjoys the arts as well as various sports, Terry Chucas played in the 1984 International Tournament In Sweden.

The NOTBF welcomes prospective members at least 33 years old who cannot compete with younger players but want to continue participating in the sport. It divides its teams into five age divisions: players from 33 to 42 years, 43 to 49 years, 50 to 56 years, 57 years and above, and classic. The first tournament took place in 1993, using a typical format where teams competed against teams in a shared pool, before the winners of each pool faced off to decide the winner of the event. Inspired by an alternate format used in Kindersley, Saskatchewan, in 1995, the organization changed its format so that the second, third, and fourth place winners in each pool also played against each other, so each age division comprised of two winning teams.

The NOTBF hosts its tournament in early August of the given event year. Teams meet at the designated location, which changes each year, over the course of four days.